At this time of year we always look back at the year just passed and reflect. For me the year was clearly divided personally and professionally.

Professionally it was my most challenging year ever, changes in my work place affected me more than I could imagine. Faced with a living hell whilst pregnant I could only count down the days to maternity leave, my emotions were all over the place not only because of the hormones but because I felt bullied in a place where I had once felt so happy. Things change and thankfully bosses move on and I hope that when the time comes for me to return to working I can either find something new and exciting that fits in better with my family life or that many of the problems have disappeared with the person that caused them.

Personally it was my best year ever, my relationship with my husband became stronger, my step daughter flourished and I became a mother to my own baby. When everything was going badly elsewhere I could rely on those people to keep me going, even if it was as simple as Ella telling me jokes from her Harry Hill book, I am glad I have them.

I am looking forward to a happier, more productive year ahead.



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