Given that 2013 was focused on having a baby by counting down the weeks, days and hours left until maternity leave, buying little outfits and decorating the entire house ready for the little arrival I think its time to find some focus for 2014.

1. Make a budget and stick to it.

Maternity pay does not cover all of my bills, so my entire savings will be making up the deficit. Worth every penny. But I also need to make sure that I can get as much time out of my savings as possible. So it's time to make a budget and stick to it. Time to find things to do for free. Time to plan out our food shopping without spending a fortune and being left with lots of things that go past their sell by date before I think about cooking them!

2. Learn some professional skills.

I have spent most of my working life in retail, I have progressed, I earn a very nice amount of money but I work hideously long hours in a busy shop and find myself physically and mentally tired every day. So, in order to help me find a job in another industry I am going to be learning some professional skills. Microsoft office is another language to me and its a language I will be learning in 2014.

3. Get my creative mojo back.

Before I fell into my job I studied art and design, I loved it. I loved making things. I loved the processes of creating, technical and theoretical. I will be making things. I will stop spending money on things and will make them instead.

4. Not be so lazy.

I will write more often. I will plan my days more successfully. I will stay on top of my household chores. I will be on time more often.

5. Set some goals.

Upon reading one of my favourite blogs recently the concept of a bucket list hit me. I have never had one. Sure I've had things in my head that I've always thought about but I've never really been definitive about what those things are. Time to write a bucket list of my own.

I hope I can fulfill these goals this year. I've tried to be more realistic, none of the get fit, lose weight, win the lottery type goals! Fingers crossed, determined head on.



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