A cunning christmas present from the Mr was tickets to see Tom Odell at Brixton Academy on Saturday night. A gig I had been dreamily looking forward to and dreading at the same time. I don't think I would've left Effie overnight had he not bought tickets in advance. It took preparation and had I still been exclusively breastfeeding wouldn't have been possible.

One of our first dates was to see Kings of Leon before they went all commercial and a bit boring! We had a road trip to Cardiff back then and it remains in my memory as one of my favourite dates so it seemed fitting that we did something similar.

We set off after saying a very emotional goodbye to Effie, parking a Westfield shopping centre we kicked off our day with lunch at Pho Vietnamese and jumped on the tube. We had a quick pit stop at Oxford Circus for my obligatory wander around Anthropologie and then to Brixton we went.

I'd never been to Brixton Academy before, but it's definitely a place I'd like to go again. The main area gives you a feeling of being outside, it's spacious and airy with the stage looking like a country house. There were two support acts one not so good (in my opinion) the other was James Bay with his rich voice and guitar entertains the entering crowds perfectly.

And then there was Tom.

Tom Odell was perfection. Most people sound better live but he really was something else. Totally flawless, entertaining and energetic he played the piano beautifully and sang with the best voice I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I would urge anyone and everyone to go and see him if possible. He played songs from Long Way Down and he played new material written in the last few weeks in New York.

It was worth leaving my little tinker for and I'm glad he didn't disappoint. I would've been gutted to leave her for something mediocre.



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